2001-2017 Honda Gold Wing Full LED Projector Head Light Assembly with DRL and Switchback Signals

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The one and only aftermarket Gold Wing head light that has been tested in a photometric laboratory to meet and exceed SAE/DOT requirements for Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) 108 for motorcycle lighting. Don't be fooled into purchasing head lights that are not DOT approved or 'for off-road using only'. Those head lights have the incorrect focus on the beams and scatter the light everywhere, which may blind oncoming traffic and/or cause unsafe riding conditions.

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Add on options:

Switchback turn signal adapter plug and play harness for 2001-2005 Honda Gold Wing USA Model

Switchback turn signal adapater plug and play harness for 2013-2017 Honda Gold Wing FB6 USA Model


Honda Gold Wing 2001-2017 Full LED Projection Head Lights with Daytime Running Light (DRL) and Switchback Amber Turn Signals - USA Model - SAE/DOT Compliant





Compatible with:

Honda Gold Wing 2001-2017 (5th Gen) - USA Model*

*2006-2017 GL1800 (non-FB6) USA models are fully plug and play, no additional harness needed.

*2013-2017 FB6 USA models the leveling motors not supported, manual leveling required. Turn signal connector differ for switchback function, adapter harness required. Purchase link HERE.

*2001-2005 GL1800 USA models turn signal connector differ for switchback function, adapter harness required. Purchase link HERE.

*All Non-USA models will require hardwiring of the switch back wire due to the differences in the turn signal connector



• Dimensions: 12" x 9.25" x 11.75" (Width x Height x Depth) each side

• Weight: 5.30 lbs (2.40 kgs) each side



• Lens: PC

• Rear housing: PP

• LED heatsink: Aluminum


LED Specs:

Low Beams (Projection):

• Wattage: 35.2W

• Current Draw: 2.55A @13.8V

• Lumens: 3600

• Color Temperature: 6300K +/- 3% Tolerance


High Beams (Reflective - Low beams remain on additionally):

• Wattage: 31.6W

• Current Draw: 2.29A @ 13.8V

• Lumens: 2500

• Color Temperature: 6000K +/- 3% Tolerance


Daytime Running Light (Light Bars):

• Wattage: 28.8W

• Current Draw: 2.10A @ 13.8V

• Lumens: 700

• Color Temperature: 6100K +/- 3% Tolerance


Switchback Turn Signals (Lights Bars):

• Wattage: 29W

• Current Draw: 2.12A @ 13.8V

• Lumens: 450

• Color Temperature: 3000K +/- 3% Tolerance



• 8 LED projector low beams, 8 LED reflective high beams and 2 dual LED DRL light bars with switchback turn signals

• Includes plug and play turn signal splitter harnesses to connect optional switchback turn signals in the light bars

• Includes plug and play leveling motors compatible with factory Gold Wing leveling system

• 100% direct bolt-on and plug and play with included subharness, no modification needed

SAE/DOT compliant for use in all 50 states - compliant to FMVSS108

• Installation instructions included, knowledgeable installation highly recommended

• Warranty: 1 Year


Full step-by-step installation video:


Video demonstrated on a 2008 Honda Gold Wing

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