Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - Our walk in retail/wholesale store is now open to limited capacity and customer service by phone will be limited at this time, however we will offer email based communication through the contact form on our website. Curbside pickup is available, please call or email us so we can prepare your order. Face covering are required so do not forget to wear one. Order fulfillment will still continue. Shipping carriers are still experiencing delays, please bare with us during these times. We would like to thank everyone for your support and patience at this time.


***Common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)***


Do I need an LED flasher relay for your sequential tail lights to work?

It would depend on your front turn signal. If your front turn signals are factory, no LED flasher relay is needed. If your front turn signals are aftermarket LED, then an LED flasher relay is needed. If your bike does not have a replaceable flasher relay then we recommend installing load resistors on the front LED turn signals.


I placed an order and did not receive an order or shipping confirmation email. Did my order go through?

If there is an order number displayed at the end of checkout then your order was processed successfully. If you did not receive any emails from us, you either entered the incorrect email during checkout or the emails went into your junk/spam folder. Please check your junk/spam mail folder before contacting us.


Can I install your tail light and not use the integrated turn signals?

Yes, our turn signals are optional. Simply do not connect the turn signals during installation and the tail light will operate as a regular running/brake light.


How do I get a discount/coupon code and what are the restrictions?

Coupon codes are emailed periodically throughout the year to our subscribed newsletter customers. Simply create an account with us online and sign up for the newsletter option. We may also offer coupon codes through our social media pages. See Q3 in the FAQ section. Coupon codes are only available to use for online purchases. Online purchases must be shipped. Not valid on past orders, pre-orders, or back orders.


Do you have these items in stock?

Please check the stock status on the website. It is located on the details page by clicking the "View Details" button. We update our stock status daily and try to keep it real time. If an item is out of stock and we have an estimated date of arrival (ETA) that is a good indication it will arrive at or around that date, otherwise we have no ETA. Having no ETA could mean months before it is in stock again.


Do you ship to my country? How much is shipping cost?

We ship to most countries. Add the item(s) to the shopping cart and use the shipping calculator to determing shipping cost. If your country is not listed, unfortunately we do not offer shipping services there.
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READ FIRST BEFORE CALLING US: If you are calling to check stock or when an item will be available, please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page about checking stock:

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