Motodynamic Intelliflash Blinker Flasher Module Universal Pair

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The microprocessor controlled MotodynamicTM Intelliflash blinker module will enable running light and turn signal functionality on any 2 wire turn signal lamp. It will intelligently switch input power from the running/switched ignition light circuit to the turn signal circuit to enable flashing from the bike's flasher relay. Once the turn signal is turned off by the rider, it will switch the power back to the running light/switched ignition circuit. The flashing rate will be in sync with the flasher relay's speed and will flash at the same time alongside the existing turn signals on the motorcycle. This kit comes with 2 modules which is good for 2 turn signals. Note that this module only performs switching of power inputs, it does not control the flashing speed. The flashing speed is controlled by the bike's flasher relay.

Key Features:
- Enables running light and turn signals on any 2-wire (single function) turn signal or other lamp - ideal for 3-to-2 wire turn signal conversions
- Flashes in sync with existing front and/or rear turn signals on motorcycle 
- Compatible with all motorcycles, regardless of running light power input such as the always-on for Yamaha motorcycles and the momentary-off for Honda motorcycles
- Includes heat shrink quick solder butt connectors and cable ties for simplified installation

Working voltage: 10-24V
Maximum wattage: 65W
Maximum amperage: 15A
Turn signal circuit internal resistance: 100 ohms
Module Dimensions: 2.00” x 1.00” x 0.40” (50mm x 25mm x 10mm) LxWxH
Wire length: 9.5” (241mm)
Weight: 1.20 oz/ea (0.03kg)

Download installation instructions here

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