Motodynamic Electronic LED Flasher Relay + Resistor Bypass Harness Combo for Kawasaki

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This combines our MotodynamicTM Electronic LED Flasher Relay with our Kawasaki Resistor Bypass Harness for those who want to run our Sequential LED tail light alongside aftermarket front LED turn signals without the use of any resistors.

Compatible with the following Kawasaki sequential LED tail lights:

  • K-9ZX6R-C/S
  • K-13ZX6R-C/S
  • K-98Z7-C/S
  • K-3Z1-C/S
  • K-10Z1-C/S
  • K-14Z1-C/S
  • K-13N300-C/S
  • K-9650R-C/S
  • K-12650R-C/S
  • K-17Z650-C/S
  • K-20Z650-C/S
  • K-19ZX6R-C/S
  • K-18N400-C/S
  • K-18Z9RS-C/S
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